Drew Barrymore Is Going Viral For Eating Pizza

Drew Barrymore Is Heading Viral For Eating Pizza

This time it truly is around a TikTok of Drew Barrymore consuming pizza.

The responses underneath her pizza submit are considerably messy.

From “straight to jail.”

To “you are performed… you happen to be carried out…”

To a likely law match on behalf of pizza.

Individuals are conflicted about her controversial pizza taking in method.

When others think she’s in fact on to one thing…

Without having even further ado, this is the Drew Barrymore “pizza salad”:

She basically just scrapes off all the toppings and places it in a salad.

“It is really basically actually crunchy and delightful,” she says.

For you pizza purists, I hope you watched till the finish due to the fact she actually eats the pizza.