Nostalgic Childhood Foods That Are Now Discontinued

Nostalgic Childhood Foods That Are Now Discontinued

Chances are when you think of your childhood, there are a handful of nostalgic foods — now a thing of the past — that you can recall so well you can almost taste then. Well, Redditor u/kellerisdabest asked, “What discontinued thing do you really want brought back?” Here are the nostalgic foods that people are seriously missing.


“Deep fried McDonald’s apple pie. The one from the 1980s to the ’90s. It was crispy and the temperature of molten plutonium inside. The best.”


“Hershey’s chocolate milk powder. The flavor and the texture of the powder were like no other chocolate milk in the history of mankind. It was so delicious that our family’s main method of consuming it was to barely dip a shallow spoonful of the powder into milk, scoop up the barely dissolved milky powder and eat it straight. Hershey’s discontinued it in favor of their chocolate syrup, which was the worst decision ever made by a corporation. I would do anything to get it back.”


“The Philadelphia Cheesecake Bars. One of my earliest memories is when I was five years old and sharing a strawberry cheesecake bar with my childhood best friend. I remember it was such a treat since my family didn’t really have sweets in the house. Then one day Aldi stopped selling them. Now that I’m an adult, I would do anything to find these things.”


“Surprises in the cereal boxes! Not the ‘enter two codes inside on our website’ crap, but actual, physical things floating somewhere in a package in that box of Cheerios.”


“PB Crisps. I cannot wrap my head around why they won’t bring them back. It would be such a home run. I just want some PB Crisps!”


“Those Lifesavers cream lollipops. The orange and cream one was so good.”



“I’m not really into Dr. Pepper, but the Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper had a hold on me that no other soda has ever come close to.”


“Old school Little Caesar’s pizza. The long cardboard pizza tray wrapped in paper. When you’d tear it open, the Little Ceasars’ goodness smell filled the room. Oh the 90’s, how I miss you.”


“McDonald’s Snack Wraps. I could eat four in a single sitting.”


“Butterfinger BBs. For a long time, I didn’t even know these were discontinued.”


“Jelly jar juice glasses. In the 1980s and maybe even the early ’90s, my family acquired a few sets: dinosaurs and Tom and Jerry. They were the perfect size for us kids to use and the different designs helped us keep track of whose were whose. I don’t know why they stopped being made.”


“The Sobe elixir drink, I miss my lizard juice so much. If they’re still selling these drinks, they’re impossible to find in my state.”


“Old school Pizza Hut. RIP to the salad bar with that amazing creamy Italian dressing and being able to get pitchers of beer or Pepsi.”


“The ‘real’ dollar menu at Mickey D’s.”


“Dunkaroos. At least there is still a hack: Cinnamon Teddy Grahams with Confetti Cake Betty Crocker icing. 🤯 It’s basically the same thing as the original.”


“Frozen waffle sticks. This convenience food and I were born the same year. Why have they perished but i’m still here?!? IT SHOULD’VE BEEN ME.”



“Apple empanadas from Taco Bell.”


“Those jiggly Jelly Cups candies that came in a huge jug in all different fruit flavors like mango and green apple. What I would do to find them now as an adult…”


“All day breakfast at McDonald’s.”


“Pizza Hut used to have this dessert called Hershey’s Dippers, which were basically just chocolate breadsticks with hot Hershey dipping sauce. I miss them every day of my life.”


“Trix yogurt. I ate this stuff until the day it was discontinued. I’m still mad about losing that one.”


“Kudos bars. The Quaker version doesn’t even come close.”


“Ritz Bitz S’mores. The fact that these no longer exist is a travesty.”


“I used to LOVE Alpha Bits cereal, especially Marshmallow Alpha Bits. Then one day it was gone and came back only with no marshmallow option. The cereal without marshmallows tasted like a weak cardboard version of what it used to be.”



“Jell-O Pudding Pops. Holy shit, those things were good in a way that can’t be described. It tasted like frozen cake batter or something. So good!”


“Taco Bell’s grilled stuffed burrito. I have no idea why they discontinued it. It was the only thing on the menu I would order. Nothing else comes close.”


“Altoid Sours. I loved those so much and still use the little tins to store random objects.”


“Four Loko, the original.”


“Watermelon Laffy Taffy with the candy seeds in them. It’s been 15+ years, but I can still taste it and feel the texture.”


“The good old days when you could win a free Coke by looking under the bottle cap. Those were the best. Or the McDonald’s Monopoly game when you could win free fries.”


“Snapple Elements. The Rain version was agave cactus and it was so delicious.”


“Eggo Muffin Tops. If they still exist, I haven’t been able to find them in ages. I lived off these as a kid.”

—Hannah Loewentheil


“Arby’s potato cakes. They’ve existed for my whole life, and then one day, some guy at the drive through told me they were discontinued. Bring back the potato cakes!”

What’s a discontinued or hard-to-find food from your childhood you wish would come back? Tell us in the comments.