Reddit Split Over Woman Bringing Eggs To Vegan Wedding

Reddit Break up Above Female Bringing Eggs To Vegan Marriage ceremony

Nevertheless, some people today — many of them vegan and vegetarian by themselves — agreed that OP should not have introduced eggs to the marriage, and that her bringing them in fact WAS a little bit disrespectful:

“You ended up apparently informed that all of the catering would be vegan at the wedding day and that this was thus a little something critical to the bride and groom. Insofar as it sounds like there was anything vegan you could have ready by yourself without having harming you for a person day, I believe in your place I would’ve introduced one thing vegan.

Certainly, your wellbeing nutritional specifications choose priority, and you are [not the asshole] for bringing your own food items (in particular due to the fact you did the ideal matter and checked), but [you’re the asshole] for not generating that foods vegan if you could have carried out so.”


“Frequent feeling need to have indicated to you that bringing a non-vegan meal would be offensive… Vegans you should not really see a change in between beef and eggs since it really is all the byproduct of animal cruelty.

Also, I would just like to insert that vegans normally feel excluded at significant events/foods, so it may perhaps have been more crucial that every little thing be plant-based mostly on her wedding ceremony day.”